Alexandra Speiser

Medium: Painting

Alexandra Speiser (Alex) was born in 1968 in Karachi, Pakistan. During her school years she lived in Bremerhaven, Germany. She then went on to study Geology and Paläontology in Göttingen, Germany. Thereafter, she moved to Namibia and began working as a geologist.

During her 22 years in Namibia, Alex was inspired by the stunning light, magnificent sunsets and incredible natural scenery and colours to take up painting. She was further influenced by two Namibian artists, Nicky Marais and Barbara Böhlke. When she spent two years in Cape Town, South Africa (1999 to 2001) studying Environmental Management, Alex was introduced to various South African artists, and loved working with them in her free time.

In 2012 she and her husband moved to Monchique, Portugal. She still continues to work in Namibia as environmentalist. In 2014 Alex met Kerstin Wagner, by whom she got inspired and supported to take up painting again in Portugal.Her work is inspired by the southern African colours and light.

Alexandra currently has five paintings displayed in the Red Lady Gallery LiR– Galeria de Arte in Lagoa.

Since January 2017 she has shared an atelier with Rosa Pereira and Rushda Shaw in Portimão in the Algarve Portugal.

Alexandra’s work is available for sale. Please contact her or visit the Geday gallery in Portimão, which is located at Rua da Hortinha no 18.

Contact Information


Phone: (+351) 92 228 9857