Andrew Stephens

Abstract Art in Acrylics or Gouache

Rejecting an early career in the arts, albeit studying photography at Plymouth School of Art, Andrew maintained a long term interest in modern art and design. In retirement he now concentrates on painting and photography. After returning to Europe from working in East Africa and the Middle East, Andrew set up a studio in Gascony, South West France but recently moved to Tavira.

His art is abstract, usually acrylic or gouache on canvas or board. Influenced by the abstract expressionists and colour field painting, his paintings have developed as an emotional and intellectual response to the landscape and surroundings.

The colombarded medieval houses and the great Landes forest of Gascony have been a prime influence, but now the sea, salt and Ria Formosa provide a new stimulus to create abstracts that vary from large to small, colourful yet simple but sometimes challenging.

Andrew welcomes commissions, his work can be found in England, France and Portugal. Work can be bought direct from the artist.

Contact Information


Phone: (+351) 281 400 809

       (+33) 6 73 71 75 59