Anina von Winterfeld

Medium or Discipline/art genre: Mixed Media/Collage


I am a German mixed media artist, born 1960. 
Since 1998 I have been living abroad with my family in Norway, Oman\Middle East, Borneo\Malaysia and  Kuwait. Since 2020 I am  resident in Germany and Portugal.
After working many years as a Primary school teacher and tour guide, I have taught Art at both International and German schools and have given various workshops for adults and children. 
In the past years I participated in Solo-and Group exhibitions in the above listed countries.
My paintings are mostly in private collections all over the world.


My inspiration are the micro/macro cosmos of nature, urban cityscapes and any kind of texture found on old, rusty, broken surfaces like tiles, floors or walls. 
If you take a closer look at these manmade surfaces you can feel with your eyes the “beauty of decay”, discover traces of passing times, and read “history” in these images.
I like the challenge to show in an artistic way the variety and transformation of these kinds of surfaces and compose them into a piece of art.
Collage and mixed media techniques are my speciality and I love experimenting with a variety of mediums .
Working in an abstract, intuitive style I use natural materials, such as sand, marble powder, lime putty, pigments, bone glue and waxes. These materials may develop a life on their own by interacting in an unpredictable and exciting way to create vivid, relief-like surfaces with rough or broken textures. 
Sometimes I integrate found pieces (objets trouvé) into the compositions like wood, paper scraps, fabric pieces, bark or rusty iron parts to include a personal story or local memory.

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Phone: 0049 1746682300

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