Brian Oliver

Medium: Pen and Ink Drawings

“At school in the late 1950’s – I loved art and was always in the top 2 in my class. I had a pen and ink drawing of an historic London home exhibited locally and then forwarded to a town in Germany to exhibit there under a “youth art” exchange scheme. I was offered a scholarship at a London art college but declined as my much respected but strict father thought this would lead to a life of pleasure and debauchery. Instead I entered the world of commerce and only returned to my love of drawing in retirement, some 40 years later.

My wife and I now live in Lagos for half the year – returning to the UK for the other 6 months, where we live in Braunston; a canalside village on the Warwickshire/Northamptonshire border.

My love is drawing as opposed to painting and I work exclusively in pencil and pen and ink. I draw local places of interest with a preference for subjects with a strong architectural content, which I draw in great detail. I rarely now sketch on site, preferring to take a photo to work from. Each detailed picture takes around 40 hours to complete split into 1-2 hour sessions. As a “rainy day” pastime – I only produce 2-3 works a year.

Mainly I draw for my own satisfaction and relaxation. However I am flattered to find that many people have purchased prints of my pictures, either plain, framed or, in the case of my home village, in book form. All profits from such sales are donated to local charities. Our area historic society have also purchased a copy of my book for inclusion in their “time capsule”.

I hope to create sufficient drawings to put a book together in Portugal. However with the evident lack of rainy days this may take some time. I have already sold a few prints via local craft fairs etc. again with any profits going to Portuguese charities. I do not do commissions.


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