Hermanus Hendrikus Pieper

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I was born in Holland, and  i started drawing at an early age, i was ask to draw a Christmas scene on all the blackboards at the boys school i was at .this gave me the confidents to carry on drawing and later when i had moved to England i started to paint as well,  i have always loved colours and have created many bright painting, I paint what i feel at the time, and i get inspired by everything around me ,now living in the Algarve  i love the light and the colours every were ,since the pandemic i have had real time to dedicate myself totally to my love of painting ,and have since been published in magazines and newspaper, i hope you like my work ,and lift your spirit. 

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Website: www.hennyhendrikus.com   

E-mail: hennybernard47@gmail.com

Facebook:hermanu pieper


Phone: [351]932739026

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