Luz Alba

Medium or Discipline/art genre: Visual Arts

Luzalba is a visual artist and researcher based in Raposeira, Algarve. Graduated in Design and Post-Graduated in Fine Arts: Sculpture, from 2010 to 2018, she was living in Venice (Italy) where established her artistic career. Through her professional experience, she collaborate with influents artists and institutes as Danh Vo, The Danish Foundation, Lee Ufan, Paulo Bruscky in collaboration with Nara Roesler Gallery, Fondazione Prada and Electa | Mondadori, among others.

Luzalba’s works range from visual art, sculpture or performance to old print techniques. In her work, natural elements, ancient rituals and scientific references are mixed into an unusual vision of art. The multiplicity of characters in her work feeds our lecture, affording mystical senses from other dimensions.

Her work is currently displayed at the Studio Coração, Vila do Bispo, Algarve.

As an Art and Design teacher for the Aljezur International School, Luzalba also runs workshops for single groups. The most common is the Collage Workshop: with a different approach, the participants can create unique paper collages using their own photographs and esoteric elements inspired by the Atlantic coast. The Fish Prints Workshop consists of a printing technique, where fresh fish is printed on 100% cotton fabric. The black colour is no more than squid or organic ink and all the fish are able to be consumed after used. All the resources are consciousness selected, including the origin of the fish, captured by tradicional local methods. 
Both workshops are available for private groups around Algarve, with the minimum of 5 to the maximum of 10 participants – approximately 3 hours with all materials included.

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