Sonja Eckenstein-Schalen

Medium: Sculpture

After her basic education at the Art Academy Artisbus in Utrecht (Holland) and various periods of study and work at home and abroad, Sonja Eckenstein-Schalen now works as a freelance artist and sculptor.

“The object I’m working on makes me forget the previous ones. I concentrate my knowledge and sensitivity on what I am doing right now.

My works are an expression of my soul. My goal is to reduce the subject to a few lines and forms.”

Sonja currently lives in the Algarve.

Once a week she gives lessons in her home to a small group of students so that she can pass on her knowledge.

If you would like to visit the workshop you have to call in advance on (+351) 289 791 982 as the workshop area is not open to the general public.

Contact Information



Phone: (+351) 289 791 982